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The exhibition 'Intervention' took place at the John Hansard Gallery, England. Oct, 2003.


The exhibition 'Intervention' raises questions about cultural globalisation, homogeneity, and the notion of a benevolent hegemony. Through an acknowledgement of diversity, the exhibition presents a flexible depiction of social and cultural spheres and seeks to disrupt the simplified polarities implied by statements, such as, 'you're either with us or against us'.

The artists in the exhibition include Ron Arad, Oreet Ashery, Gordon Cheunge, Julie Henry and Giles Perry, Runa Islam, Foreign Investment, Ron den Daas, Shez Dawood, Jaimini Patel, Vanda Playford and Kathy Kenny, Bo Myers, Rashad Salim, and Eva Weinmayr.


Curated by Kathy Kenny



funded by the Millennium Fund