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Video Still from Gillian Wearing's film 'Drunk'.

Exhibited: Serpentine Gallery, London.



"A Staggering Work...

Drunk is shot in black and white on 16mm film and projected on a vast triptych of nearly contiguous screens. The drinkers appear against the stark white backdrop of a photographic studio and they are conspicuously framed and edited. The first capers across the right-hand screen - Wearing has been looking at Bruegel's rustics -before tumbling out of the frame. Another collapses in the centre and eventually stretches the length of all the screens - a nod to Holbein's Christ in the Tomb. Painting, then, but theatre too - the piece looks like a promenade performance, drinkers lurching in pairs from left to right, forming tableaux, making their entrances and exits." 

(Observer Review, 17 Sept. 2000)